Professor Dr. Charlotte Uzarewicz and Dr. Michael Uzarewicz

Charlotte Uzarewicz has a PhD in Sociology but also studied ethnology and is a trained nurse. She is a professor of nursing sciences and deputy director of the institute for further education, research and development at the catholic foundation college of higher education in Munich. In 2008 she also was appointed honorary professor at the Hochschule Vallendar ( Her research topics concern the general nursing sciences, nursing concepts, nursing interactions, nursing systems, trans-cultural nursing, body-phenomenology, and nursing, new aesthetics, diseases and physical health.

Michael Uzarewicz has a PhD in Sociology. He is also a lecturer and freelance author. His research interests concern sociology in regard to nursing management, trans-cultural nursing, sociological theory-development, new phenomenology and life-philosophy.

You can gain an insight into the work of Charlotte and Michael Uzarewicz by reading the following articles: "Anthropologische Grundlagen und Menschenbilder in der Intensivpflege" (Anthropological foundations and concepts of humankind in intensive care) is an essay that was written for a handbook of intensive care  (from Ecomed-publishers). "Leiblichkeit und Transkulturalität im Migrationskontext" (Corporality and Trans-culturalism in the context of migration) tries to interpret a case study in the sense of theory-practise transfers in the felt-body-phenomenological approach of Hermann Schmitz. The work "Kann man in einem Altenheim wohnen?" deals with the problem of how it is possible for older people to feel home in the environment of a retirement home.