1. Frequently asked Questions about the Annual GNP Symposium

When and where will the next annual symposium take place?

The symposium is planned to take place in April 2013 at the ‘Hochschule für Musik und Theater’ in Rostock.

What subject area(s) will be covered in the next symposium? Where can I find out more information about its contents in sufficient time?

The symposium will cover the following specified subject area: “Conceptual experience”. The new symposium agenda is available on the GNP website under the category “Annual Symposium” 


2. Questions regarding book orders (including discounts) from GNP members

Which books can be ordered at a discount?

Members of the GNP receive a discount on deliverable books from the GNP series (the Lynkeus series and the “New Phenomenoloy” series) and many books from the philosopher Hermann Schmitz (which can be found in the Bonn, Bouvier publishing company). You will find these books under the category “Bibliography”.

How much discount do you receive as a member?

The discount compared to the book trade is currently 30 % with books (from the GNP) of the Karl Alber publishing company, 25 % with books of the Ingo Koch publishing company, 30 % with books of the Akademie publishing company and 30 % with books of the Bouvoir publishing company plus delivery costs. Books by Hermann Schmitz that have been published besides the mentioned series of the Karl Alber publishing company (for instance “Der Weg der europäischen Philosophie”) have a discount of 10 %. The publishing company does not charge any delivery costs within Germany.

How do you place an order?

Orders are placed by making a written order with the GNP, with a precise description of the author, the title and your address. No discount is available for orders made via book shops. Any books ordered will be delivered to your postal address with an invoice.

Which books can be delivered?

Please take into consideration that with the number of books available, it is very difficult for the GNP as an organisation to check the availability of individual publications. However, you can check the availability of publications yourself if the publication you wish to purchase is still available. Simply visit the following website: www.buchhandel.de. It is a catalogue of available publications in the German language. Enter the title and the name of the author into the »Profisuche« (advanced search field).

Please note:

Publishers offer discounts on a voluntary basis, any such discounts being subject to change without notice. The GNP is free of all liability to settle claims between publishing companies and customers in regard to orders.